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Peter Friedmann, Registered Surveyor, is a Consultant Accredited Certifier for Strata Certificates under the Building Professionals Act 2007 and is able to issue:

  • Strata Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates for subdivisions
  • Compliance Certificates in
    • Setting out boundaries & buildings
    • Managing building development conditions
    • Locating constructed boundaries & buildings
    • Planning & design related to subdivisions
    • Managing subdivisions development conditions
    • Setting out subdivisions
    • Road design & contract supervision
    • Locating subdivisions as constructed
    • Subdivision infrastructure - design & contract supervision


  • Design of roads & stormwater drainage including detention systems
  • Design of roundabouts & streetscapes 
  • Design of sewer & water reticulation 
  • Design of cemetery infrastructure 
  • Construction supervision & contract administration 
  • Design of stormwater systems for all developments



  • Urban road & drainage design & contract supervision
  • Sewer & water mains design & contract supervision 
  • Rural road & drainage design & contract supervision
  • Cadastral surveying
  • Identification/boundary surveys 
  • Engineering surveys 
  • Building surveys and setouts 
  • Topographical/detail surveys 
  • Subdivisions 
    • Torrens Title including Stratum Subdivisions 
    • Strata Title 
    • Community Title 
  • Shadow diagrams 
  • Property Council of Australia type surveys for lease purposes
  • Project management
  • Estate planning 
  • Cemetery planning 
  • Preparation of environmental impact statements 
  • Preparation of development applications 
  • Feasibility studies (cost estimates, timetables, cash flows) 
  • Liaison with all Government instrumentalities and adjoining neighbours 
  • Land & Environment Court appeals 
  • Assistance with building matters

Harrison Friedmann & Associates Pty Ltd is a licensed Water Servicing Coordinator for Sydney Water dealing with Section 73 applications (covering all of Sydney Water’s area of operations).

Plans and Council development consent must be lodged with your application in digital form as required by Sydney Water. If these documents are not available in digital form the documents will be scanned as part of our service.

For further information contact Denis Mahoney at our office as follows (or Sydney Water):

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facsimile:  (02) 9546 4418
Telephone: (02) 9546 2377


The Company is listed as approved suppliers of services to Sydney Water as designers of sewer and water main extensions and adjustments in the categories of S1, S2, W1, W2, RW and project managers in S1, S2, W1, W2, RW categories.


As a Water Servicing Coordinator, the Company will accept building plans for approval and stamping following an application made at a Sydney Water Quick Check Agent. If the assessment made by the Quick Check agent reveals that Sydney Water's assett may be affected by the building works the developer is referred to a Water Servicing Coordinator.

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